Wednesday, August 1, 2007

San Francisco FYI

How can I explain a five and a half hour Board Meeting?
1. Cesar Chavez development - passed 6 to 5. Close. There is still the question of housing being developed should it be market rate or housing for people who do not have the means to buy a home. In the Mission especially, every project should be looked at very carefully. It is good that people are paying attention again to planning issues. This type of activity will keep the planning commission on their toes.
2. Muni Charter Amendment - Passed 10 ayes. Something must have happened because all kinds of union people got up and spoke for this issue. A Plus - more money for muni. More control on how Muni hires - but then there is the parking issue which the mayor is against(mayor won't fightthe ballot though) and the Chamber of Commerce has a separate item for the ballot to increase parking in San Francisco. Two items on the ballot regarding parking at the same time. A little messy.
3. Bayview Hunters Point item about delaying Lamar project at Parcel A. I have never heard such intense, emotional testimony. The BayView Hunters community is split on this issue. Even though I was there 50 minutes early I could not get in because of the huge line. There were two rooms set up for spillover. I attempted to watch in the small room but some people who were for the project took over stood in front of the tv and gave a speech about what they should say at the hearing. When I asked to turn on the soundto hear the meeting they ignored me. Didn't realize there was a even bigger room with a bigger tv and sound. Lots of food and water were brought in (big bulky items- not sure how that go through securty?. Intimating atmosphere. After Hearing all testimony I feel that there are health problems in the Bay View Hunters Point (I am not sure if this is because of this development). But if I had to vote I would have voted for the Chris Daly motion to delay while they checked to make sure things were safe. This issue has gotten people organized. Chris Daly was right to bring this issue up. He was very articulate and strong. Ross Mirkerimi made intelligent remarks.
Rasha - Thai restaurant that had just opened at 3141 16th Street closed down. New restaurant will be called "The Monk's Kettle". Knew Rasha wouldn't stay open. The message was confused. On the side of the building it said Saki drinks but the name sound Indian to me but the food was Thai. The sign also said "great food". I am not sure if San Franciscan's trust signs like that?
Doggie Diner at 10th Street and Mission torn down.
Gustofino Fine Foods is moving in the Just Deserts location at 248 Church Street.
Best In Town (pet store) closed Noe Street location - new location is 545 Castro Street.
All Star - Souvenirs on sale. Hats $10. Hooded sweatshirts $25. Giants souvenir store at stadium.
Giants - During the game there is a hot dog stand open to the outside so people walking by can enjoy the food. Great idea.
Photo Exhibit - Hungry I - Enrico Banducci - San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum - Veterans Building 401 Van Ness Avenue, Fourth Floor, San Francisco, Ca.
Through 8-25-2007 phone: 415-255-4800 Free to Public Tues - Friday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday 1 to 5 p.m.
August 4th -Diane di Prima and Michael McClure- Benefit for Bird & Beckett Books and Records,(moving fund)$20/$25 2788 Diamond St., S.F. 415-586-3733
August 5th - Jerry Day- Celebrate Jerry Garcia, McLaren Park, John F. Shelly Drive near Cambridge
August 7th -Tuesday National Night Out Community BBQ - Free BBQ with food, music. Get to know your Sunset neighbors. Tuesday 5 to 7 p.m. Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, 925 Noriega Street @46th Ave. Carol 415-759-3690
August 11th - Saturday Castro Theatre - Sing- along with Wizard of Oz 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. San Francisco with Clark Gable -
August 21st Tuesday - Women for Carole Migden - 5:30 to 7 p.m. Pearson Residence, 157 South Park Street rsvp or call Annie Eagan 650-873-2678; Contributions are welcome but not expected. Sponsors include Andrea Shorter, Debra Walker, Elmy Bermejo, Francis Hsieh, Holli Thier, Jaynry Mak, Jeannie Maher, Lee Ann Prifti, Margel Kaufman, Roma Guy, Sharon Johnson, Betty Yee and Doris Ward. Re-Elect Senator Carole Migden 601 Van Ness Ave. #E-611, SF Ca 94102
What I saw: 7:30 a.m. in the morning person waiting to go to work was licking the in side of a Oreo Cookie. Whatever it takes.....

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