Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 25, 2007

Showed up an hour and half early no one at City Hall but the media people. Around 1:30 Ron Dudum had his press conference on City Hall steps.

I was simply amazed that Ed Jew's name had already been erased from his office door!
Mayor Newsom did a very careful presentation of Carmen Chu. I understand the reason for picking Supervisor Chu (pick someone who will support you). Best pick would have been Ron Dudum. (Ron Dudum is not going away).

I heard someone yell outside in the hallway "not fair!". There were as many media people as spectators at the Board meeting. Carmen Chu was very cool and collected.

Chris Daly brought up subject of stopping the Blue Angels, (including showing tape of the Blue Angel crash. ) Vote was 7 to 3 against the motion. I understand the vote (especially after all the news the last couple of days about the film commission.) I am not sure how I would have voted (my opinion is they should stop flying over San Francisco (over water is fine). But to vote against the Blue Angels would have been another example to the public of the "crazy San Francisco Board of Supervisors." In my opinion this issue is a matter of "safety".

Tommy's Joint was honored for 60 year's of being in business.(I love the pickles in the barrel). 1101 Geary Street - did you know you can park at Park Cathedral Hill Hotel across the street from Tommy's Joint for $1.50 for one hour and $4. for 3 hours?

Jim Rivaldo was honored for all the year's of helping, consulting with the political community of San Francisco. I met Jim while working on Carol Ruth Silver's first campaign for Supervisor in District Six. That was so long ago and Jim had never given up. When many of us have moved on because of burn out, death or a new job, Jim has held on helping new generations of elected officials. Jim is the Dean of San Francisco politics. That was evident at the Board meeting. Sheriff Hennessey spoke about Jim helping him back 28 years ago and Jim is still helping the Sheriff.

I know that both Supervisor Tom Ammiano and Supervisor Bevan Dufty both appreciate and admire Jim Rivaldo's commitment and historic knowledge. Dennis Herrera, the City Attorney spoke about how he would not have been elected without Jim Rivaldo. But I think Supervisor Sophie Maxwell said it best after thanking him for helping her get elected and that he was a "Dream Maker".

Jim got up and spoke about how honored he felt by the acknowledgment at the Board of Supervisors and spoke about how proud Harvey Milk was every time he came to City Hall to walk up the beautiful stairs to the Board of Supervisors chambers instead of taking the elevator.

One of the great things about living in San Francisco is seeing history being made. Sometimes we should remember the wonderful things we have done. Jim Rivaldo is very important to San Francisco and it was nice to see all his friends there and see that he was being honored from both sides of the isle.

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