Monday, January 14, 2013

San Francisco Political Events through Jan. 28

Picture taken on January 8, 2013 - San Francisco Board of Supervisors Inaugural 


Democratic Party Delegate Selection for Assembly District 17 - (Ammiano)
Toye Moses, Justin Morgan, Matt Haney, Chris  Gembinski, Thomas Brown, Julius Turman
Gladys Soto, Debra Walker, Thea Selby, Roma Guy, Melissa San Miguel, Conny Ford
E-Board Representative -  Thomas Brown

Democratic Party Delegate Selection for Assembly District 19 - (Ting)
Fiona Ma, Amy Bacharach, Susan Pfeifer, Genevieve Jopana, Maureen Dugan, Pera Ibarrientos,   Jeffrey Woo, Larry Yee, Michael Sweet, Sam Rodriquez, Avrum Shepard, Basem (Sam) Manneh
E-Board Representative- Alex Walker

January 14, 2013 - Monday

Land Use and Economic Development Committee
When: January 14, 2013 - Monday
1:00 p.m.
Where: City Hall, Room 250, San Francisco
Supervisors:  Will these names change? Eric Mar, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener

January 15, 2013 - Tuesday

San Francisco Gray Panthers
When: January 15, 2013 - Tuesday
12:30 p.m.
Where: Unitarian Center, Fireside Room, 1187 Franklin, San Francisco
What: Hands Off Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.  Help plan our response to the so-called Fiscal Cliff.  Watch "The Health Care Movie" - How Canada Got Medicare for All.

Board of Supervisors
When:  January 15, 2013 - Tuesday
2:00 p.m.
Where: City Hall, Room 250, San Francisco
Supervisors: David Chiu, John Avalos, London Breed, David Campos, David Chiu, Carmen Chu, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Jane Kim, Eric Mar, Scott Wiener, Norman Yee

Entertainment Commission
When: January 15, 2013 - Tuesday
5:30 p.m.
Where: City Hall, Room 416, San Francisco
Commissioners: John Newlin, Audrey Joseph, Glendon Hyde, Steven Lee, Al Perez, Bryant Tan, Naomi Akers

San Francisco Board of Education
When: January 15, 2013 - Tuesday
6:00 p.m.
Where: Irving G. Breyer Board Meeting Room, 555 Franklin Street, First Floor, San Francisco
Board of Education: Rachel Norton, Sandra Lee Fewer, Kim-Shree Maufas, Hydra B. Mendoza, Emily Murase, Jill Wynns, Matt Haney

Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods
When: January 15, 2013 - Tuesday
6:30 p.m.
Where: Northern Police Station Community Room, Turk and Fillmore, San Francisco
From Agenda:
Hosts: Cayuga Improvement Association, Cow Hollow Association

Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club General Meeting
When: January 15, 2013 - Tuesday
7:00 p.m.
Where: Women's Building, 3543 18th Street, San Francisco
What: From agenda: Milk Board  Elections

January 16, 2013 - Wednesday

Budget and Finance Committee
When: January 16, 2013 - Wednesday
11:00 a.m.
Where: City Hall, Room 250, San Francisco
Supervisors: (will this change?) Carmen Chu, John Avalos, Jane Kim

San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission
When: January 16, 2013 - Wednesday
12:30 p.m.
Where: City Hall, Room 400, San Francisco
Commissioners: Courtney Damkroger, Karl Hasz, Alan Martinez, Diane Matsuda, Richard Johns, Andrew Wolfram

Sunshine Ordinance Task Force
When: January 16, 2013 - Wednesday
5:30 p.m.
Where: City Hall, Room 406, San Francisco
Task Force: Richard Knee, Kitt Grant, Suzanne Manneh, Allyson Washburn, David Pilpel, David Sims, Todd David, Chris Hyland, Louise Fischer, Bruce Oka, Angela Calvillo
(per website)

Noe Valley Democratic Club - David Binder
When: January 16, 2013 - Wednesday
7:30 p.m.
Where: St Philips Church, 725 Diamond Street, San Francisco
What: David Binder will address the Noe Valley Democratic Club.  Lead qualitative research consultant for both the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns, he will discuss both the research and psychology behind the Obama campaign's messaging phenomenon.  A Question and Answer Session will follow.  All  are welcome.

January 17, 2013 - Thursday

Recreation and Park Commission Meeting
When: January 17, 2013 - Thursday
10:00 a.m.
Where: City Hall, San Francisco
Commissioners:   Mark Buell, Tom Harrison, Paige Arata, Gloria Bonilla, Commission Low, Megan Levitan, Larry Martin (per website)

San Francisco Planning Commission
When: January 17, 2013 - Thursday
Where: City Hall, Room 400, San Francisco 
Commissioners: Rodney Fong, Cindy Wu, Michael Antonini, Gwyneth Borden, Rich Hillis, Kathrin Moore, Hisashi Sugaya

Rules Committee
When: January 17, 2013 - Thursday
1:30 p.m.
Room 263, San Francisco
Supervisors: (will this change?) Jane Kim, Mark Farrell, John Avalos   

NOPNA - General Meeting
When: January 17 2013 - Thursday
7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Oasis Cafe, McAllister and  Divisadero, San Francisco
From agenda: Invited guests include (not confirmed) : Supervisor London Breed, Park Station, SF  Deputy  City Attorney, Bi-Rite Market, SFMTA.

January 18, 2013 - Friday

London Breed -  Office opening and art exhibit
When: January 18, 2013 - Friday
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Where: City Hall, Room, 256, San Francisco
What: Supervisor London Breed office opening and art exhibit.

January 19, 2013 - Saturday

SFMTA NE Mission Parking Planning Community Meeting No. 2
When: January 19, 2013 - Saturday
10:00 a.m. to Noon
Where: John O'Connell High School Gymnasium, 2355 Folsom Street, San Francisco
What: Second community meeting - presenting a draft parking proposal for the Northeast Mission and asking for feedback.

January 20, 2013 - Sunday

49ers Versus Falcons
When: January 20, 2013 - Sunday
Time:  Not sure?

January 21, 2013 - Monday

Martin Luther King Day

Barack Obama Inauguration Day

Inauguration day is Monday 21, 2013, which is Martin Luther King Day.  The constitution mandates that inauguration take place on January 20th, but because January 20th falls on a Sunday this year, a small private ceremony will be held on Sunday ahead of the public ceremony on Monday.

San Francisco Labor Council 2013 MLK Breakfast Celebration
When: January 21, 2013 - Monday
8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
Where: West Bay Conference Center, 1290 Fillmore, San Francisco
What: San Francisco Labor Council 2013 MLK Breakfast Celebration.  Celebrating Labor and Community Working Together.
Tribute to International Longshore and Warehouse Union for its contribution of $250,000 to the Booker T. Washington Community Service Center rebuild.
Youth Essay Contest Winners
Essay Readings by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place essay contest winners.
Special Live Presentation: Swearing-in Ceremony of President Obama - viewing depends on start time of ceremony in D.C.
Immediately following the breakfast , partner - The Northern California Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Foundation will provide shuttle buses to the SF Cal Train Station for the MLK March and Parade to Yerba Buena Gardens.
Tickets on line:
Mail $50.  check payable to San Francisco Labor Council to:
San Francisco Labor Council, 1188 Franklin #203, San Francisco.
Information: Shelley Bradford Bell

Martin Luther King Day - Breakfast and Celebration -  San Francisco Democratic Party, San Francisco Labor Council
When: January 21, 2013 - Monday
8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
Where: West Bay Conference Center, 1290 Fillmore, San Francisco
What: Breakfast and Celebration with San Francisco Labor Council and San Francisco Democratic Party.  Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast and Celebration, which this year will also celebrate the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden immediately following the program.  
The public swearing in will be shown as part of the traditional MLK Breakfast and Celebration.  Following the event, shuttles will be  provided  for those who wish to participate in the Freedom March.
Tickets: $50. per person
Information: Ally 415-626-1161

Presidential Inaugural Viewing Party and Brunch
When: January 21, 2013 - Monday
8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
8:30 a.m. - Pre-Inaugural Activities
9:00 a.m. - Swearing -in and President Obama's Speech
10:00 a.m. - Presidential Trivia Contest 
11:00 a.m. - Inaugural Parade
Where: Bissap Baobab Village, 3372-3386 19th Street, San Francisco
What: See live coverage on Big Screen - Presidential Inaugural Viewing Party and  Brunch.
Admission Free.
Crepes, pastries, mimosas, juices, wine and beer at affordable prices.

Middle Polk Neighborhood Association - Monthly Meeting
When: January 21, 2013 - Monday
6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Where: It's A Grind, 1800 Polk, San Francisco
What: Supervisor David Chiu who will address neighbors on the "state of the  district" and present his ideas for 2013 initiatives and projects.
Ian Birchall and developer John McInerney will present a new residential housing design for 1601 Larkin, San Francisco. 

January 22, 2013 - Tuesday

San Francisco Police Commission - Community meeting - Tasers
When: January 22, 2013 - Tuesday
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: Hamilton Recreation Center, 1900 Geary Blvd, San Francisco
What: San Francisco Police Commission is holding a series of community meetings to discuss Tasers for the San Francisco Police Department.  The Commission is looking for your input.
Source: Facebook

January 23, 2013 - Wednesday

Town Hall on Persia Triangle
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: Muslim Community Center, 4760 Mission Street, San Francisco
What: Join a broad group of District 11 residents, City agencies and local organizations to make improvements to the Heart of the   Excelsior .  Need to hear from all members of the community on ways to improve pedestrian safety, public space, and transportation at the site at the intersection of Mission, Ocean and Persian Avenues

January 24, 2013 - Thursday

After the Elections - What's Next for Progressives?
When: January 24, 2013 - Thursday
7:00 p.m.
Where: Unitarian-Universalist Center of San Francisco, 1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco
What: After  the Elections - What's Next  for Progressives?  Public forum sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America-San Francisco
Karen Bernal - Chair of Progressive Caucus, California Democratic Party
Jodi Reid - Executive Director, California Aliance for Retired Americans (CARA)
Norman Solomon - National co-chiar of PDA's Healthcare Not Welfare campaign.

Richmond District Democratic Club - Eric Mar
When: January 24, 2013 - Thursday
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Richmond Police Station Community, 416 6th Street, San Francisco
What: Monthly meeting.  Supervisor Eric Mar will speak about his plans for the second term.  

January 25, 2013 - Friday

Alliance for a Better District 6 14th Annual Meeting and Celebration
When: January 25, 2013 - Friday
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: 201 Turk Street Family Apartments, 201 Turk  Street Community Room at Jones Street, San Francisco
What: Alliance for a Better District 6 14th Annual Meeting and Celebration Guest speakers, election of officers, awards ceremony, door prizes, refreshments.
Board of Directors:
Dean Clark - President
Dennis Isner - Administrative Officer
Susan Bryan - Treasurer
Dean Clark - Business Concerns Chair
Michael Pedersen, Air Horn Abatement Chair
Marvis Phillips, Safety/Planning Chair
Michael Nulty, Executive Director, Housing ChairInformation:  415-820-1560

January 26, 2013 - Saturday

Celebrating: Women, Life and Liberty, the 40th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade
When: January 26, 2013 - Saturday
10:00 am. to Noon
Where: Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco
What: A festive public celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (which gave women the right to decide what happens to their body about abortion.)  Begin with a walk down Market Street and will end with a Party.  
Co- Sponsors:  BACORR, California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, California Family Health Council, California Women's Agenda, Democratic Women in Action, HHS Region IX, Men Who Trust Women, SF Dept. of Public Health, SF Dept. of Status of Women, SF NOW, Women's Building of San  Francisco, Women's Intercultural Network
Source: Facebook

January 28, 2013 - Monday

D5 Action - Will CPMC Be Rebuilt the right way?
When: January 28, 2013 - Monday
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m
Where:  Park Library, 1833 Page, San Francisco
What: Will CPMC Be Rebuilt the Right Way? How does CPMC impact residents of D5 and San Francisco? Come hear the latest update from the Coalition for Healthcare, Housing, Jobs and  Justice speak on  healthcare  access and cost, affordable housing, new jobs and job training, as well as traffic and transit impacts that will affect D5 families and neighborhoods.  Speakers include:
Paul Kumar, National Union of Healthcare Workers
Gordon Mar - Jobs with Justice, San Francilsco
Marlayne Morgan, Cathdral Hill Neighbors Association
Calvin Welch, Council of Community Housing Organizations



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