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Board of Supervisors - October 17th Calender

Quiet Leadership: I am so sorry to hear about Jim Rivaldo's passing. This is a loss for all San Franciscan's.
When I would see Jim somewhere I would always go over to him and ask him a question or what his thoughts were. Jim always responded straight forward and honestly. Because he had been an astute political activist for many years he was knowledgeable and wise. I will always miss Jim, just like I still miss Bill Krause, Dick Pabich , Anne Daley, Sue Bierman and Jane McKaskle Murphy. All icons, all respected and loved.

San Francisco Board of Supervisor's Meeting. - October 16th

Low key meeting:

Chalk Marks: $100. fine for erasing chalk off your tires. Passed

Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force. Appointed Jeanne-Marie Rosenmeier, Carl Duisberg, Bernard Meyerson and Jan Lundberg.

Golf Course Task Force: Tabled a week. Negotiating to a six month delay. Supervisor Elsbernd is adamant that there should be no further delay in finalizing changes in reference to San Francisco Park Code.

Golden Gate Bridge Partnership Program: One Week Delay.

Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks General Obligation Bond- Passed to put on ballot for February 5, 2008.

Budget Analyst Contract: Long discussion regarding contract with Harvey Rose. Passed two year extension. Supervisor Peskin wants to put the Budget Analyst contract out to bid in 2009. Contract with Harvey Rose has been for over three decades!No one had anything bad to say about Harvey Rose, this is Supervisor Peskin's belief that the Board of Supervisors should lead by example and bid out almost all contracts.

Workforce Development Audit: Passed motion to agree with Budget Analyst's findings. Supervisor Ammiano stated that their needed to be improvements from the Workforce Development Program. He was not happy and was asking them to cooperate and to stop wasting time.

$100,000 General Fund Reserve Fund to Hurricane Relief in Nicaragua. (Reduced from $200,000. ) Supervisor Elsbernd and Supervisor Chu voting no.

Transit Shelter Advertising Agreement - Passed. Huge increase in revenue from prior contract. ($13,000,000 over the period of the contract).

Zoning controls regarding the Bernal Heights Brewster/Joy Neighborhood passed. This is an issue that Supervisor Ammiano and the neighborhood have been working on for ten years. This has something to do with water pressure and slippage.

Left meeting early because I was worried about traffic at rush hour, the rain and I was just tired of listening to Supervisor McGoldrick who went on and on. I know he works hard and cares but I wish some of his free thinking thoughts and questions were done before the meeting. Many times things are delayed, with negotiation which could be done for the meeting to make the Board of Supervisor meetings for efficient and organized. It was a great improvement when the Board of Supervisor's starting meeting on Tuesday's instead of Monday to give the Supervisors and their staff more time to prepare.
I have nothing against questions and inquiries. Many of the supervisors do not ask that many questions, (is this because they prepared ahead of time?). Many supervisors ask questions to make a point in public, especially in front of Heads of Department (maybe the press?).

October Calendar Items through October - Addendum to my prior blog of October 14th:

October 18th - Thursday

City Democratic Club - Post-Endorsement Cocktail Hour - 5:30 p.m. at Trader Vic's. 5:30 p.m. Information: 415-923-5252

Chinatown Campus Vote - 6 p.m. City College Chinatown/North Beach Campus, 940 Filbert Street, Basement, San Francisco, Ca. This is a very controversial vote with many people involved. More information go to and read Samson Wong's column.

October 20th - Saturday

Precita Eyes - 30th Anniversary with gala benefit featuring live mural painting, live music, refreshments and silent auction of art donated by master muralists. 6 to 10 p.m. Project Artaud, 450 Florida Street. Information: 415-285-2287

Lights Out San Francisco - Candlelight dinners will be offered by Delfina, CAV Wine Bar, Medjool, The Blue Plate, MoMo's, Nova and Pete's Tavern.

October 21, 2007 - Sunday

5th Annual Portola Festival on Sun Bruno Ave. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Information: www. portola

San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee Presidential Straw Poll. 2 to 5 p.m. (voting ends at 4 p.m. Dennis Kucinich will be attending). Senator Leland Yee will speak on behalf of Senator John Edwards, Former State Senator Jackie Speier will speak for Senator Hillary Clinton and former Controller Steve Westly will speak for Senator Sen. Barack Obama. Lynn Mosier, is expected to represent her father, form Senator Mike Gravel. $25. San Mateo Event Center 2495 S. Delaware Street, San Mateo, Ca. Information:


League of Women Voters - Asking people to join as election observer's and monitoring (like President Carter!). You would be trained to make local elections safe and transparent, and will guide you through pre-election, election day and post-election processes that the City uses in casting, and counting votes.
Training: October 20th at the Mechanics Institute at 9:30 a.m.
October 23rd at the League office 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
RSVP: 415-989-8683 or On election night you can watch election events on on streaming video.
Actually, when you think about it, this is a complicated election night between the rank choice voting and the status of our voting machines.

Become a pollworker. Earn up to $170. To sign up visit or call 415-554-4395

6th AD Democratic Club had a Straw Poll at candidates' forum at College of Marin for the Sonoma-Marin-San Franisco Third State Senate District Democratic . nomination. Mark Leno received 47 votes. Senator Migden received 27 votes and San Francisco Police Commission Joe Alioto Veronese received 11 votes. Information came from Marin Independent Journal from columnist Dick Spotswood of Mill Valley

Reviewing endorsement list for Senator Edwards - two names jumped out, Scott Wiener (current Chair of the San Francisco Demcratic Party) and David Mixner who wrote a memoir about his life and his relationship to President Bill Clinton.

Skeptical Brother website indicates that Cynthia McKinney has moved to California and has joined the Green Party.

Clint Reilly has blog:

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