Wednesday, October 3, 2007

John Dean, San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Since I am a Watergate junkie I had to go see John Dean at Stacey's Bookstore yesterday. John Dean was there to speak about his new book "Broken Government, How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative and Judicial Branches" (My memory of Watergate is running downstairs at least twice each afternoon to get the latest edition of the San Francisco Examiner - most of the time the articles had the byline from the Washington Post with articles from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein).

John Dean started out by saying that the book he had written "Worse than Watergate" should have been titled "Much Worse than Watergate".

Republicans were good at staying on message and Democrats could not stay on message. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has done a remarkable job of establishing regular order . Nancy Pelosi has brought civility, rules to both sides of the house.

John Dean spoke about Dick Cheney running the Presidency not George Bush.
The 2008 election is about the Supreme Court, there is the possibility of three new Supreme Court Judges openings coming up in the next term.

It is obvious that John Dean is very scholarly and has the access with people from all phases of public life. He wanted to take the time to try and write a book explaining what is going on in government and the consequences. John Dean cannot wait for George Bush to be out of office.

P.S. Carl Bernstein will be at Stacey's on October 18th at 12:30 p.m. Information:

Board of Supervisor Meeting: Very tame meeting. Geraldo Sandoval's resolution condemning Michael Savage's defamatory language passed.

More importantly under Roll Call Geraldo Sandoval asked questions about procedures regarding the removal of Ed Jew from the Board of Supervisors. Questions included:

What evidence are they to look at? Are they to review documents?

Does the Board of Supervisors call witnesses? Does the Board of Supervisors have the power of subpoena? This procedure question is very important to the Supervisor and he warned if the procedures were not set up correctly and there was not an open discussion with all the supervisors he would not take part in the process.

This will all take time. The City Attorney has asked that the City find outside counsel to deal with the removable of Ed Jew.
Public Comment: I am not a big fan of public comment because certain individuals take advantage of the process and speak every week, many expressing the same view over and over. However, yesterday, an individual (I am sorry I didn't get his name) got up to speak and asked that the Board of Supervisor's show some leadership in helping resolve the possible Sutter Hospital strike coming up on October 10th and 11th. This individual had to take his wife into the hospital for the delivery of their baby, and the baby is now in intensive care. Of course he does not want the strike to happen. He spoke highly of Sutter Hospital and their staff. You have to give him credit for and admire him for taking the time to try and help resolve this issue. I hope everyone will help him and everything goes well.

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