Friday, November 16, 2007

Jim Rivaldo Memorial

Jim Rivaldo would have loved his memorial (just the way he wanted it). It was sort of a class reunion, a very serious crowd.
Every once in a while you go to an event and you realize why you still care about San Francisco politics. The people in the City Hall's rotunda all worked with Jim. We have all been through the wars.
The following people spoke:
Judge Ellen Chaitin, Nick Rivaldo (Jim's father), Peter Gabel (Jim's friend from the Harvard year's in the 60's), Assemblyman Mark Leno, Fred Maye sang, Supervisor Tom Ammiano gave a very emotional, funny speech, V. Roy Lefcourt and Ellen Chaitin's two children Juliet and Adam Chaitin-Lefcourt were the stars with their funny, heart touching remembrances of Uncle Jim. V. Roy spoke about loosing his good friend and part of their family. Lastly, Gwen Craig sang Amazing Grace (the same song she sang for Bill Krause at his memorial.
A wonderful display of Jim's work was set up. What an amazing list of names and an amazing list of day-glow colors!
What are we going to do without Jim?

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