Monday, November 12, 2007

SPUR Election Wrap-Up November 12, 2007

SPUR Election Wrap-Up meeting. Room was jammed pack with people. Jim Stearns, David Latterman and Ben Tulchin went over tentative review of outcome. Votes are still being counted so there was no time to do an in depth review.

Absentee percentage was 54%. Absentee voters tend to be more conservative.

District 8 came in first in voting percentage, next was District Seven.

Predicting 30% turnout. There seems to be an increase in voting in District 6 - which makes sense because this is where there has been new buildings being constructed.

Mayor has 72% of the vote and Mike Hennessey can be elected "Sherriff for Life".

Proposition C Public Hearings on Ballot Measures passed which will significantly change what is on the ballot in the future. No last minute items.

Proposition E Question time failed even though in polling in looked like it was going to win. Two factors seem to change the vote , Gavin Newsom was against Prop E and money was spent against Prop. E and Chris Daley was for Proposition E.

Because of lower turn out paid media had bigger input. Electorate was not turned off by too much mail or tv .

Progressive to moderate voters defeated conservative coalition.

San Francisco is a "yes" city on initiatives.

District Eight loves Gavin Newsom.

Prop. A- Was behind in the polls, but early cable tv helped along with a targeted gotv effort.

The election is not on election day anymore it is a moving target with most absentee ballots decided by the Sunday before the election.

Don Fisher was the deciding factor in Prop. A. He became the punching bag. San Francisco is an environmental town. Campaign against H pushed "H is for Hummer".

Looking to the future in 2008:

Supervisors Jake Mc Goldrick, Aaron Peskin, Tom Ammiano and Gerar do Sandoval are termed out. Ross Mirkarimi and Sean Elsbernd are up for another term and are expected to be re-elected with no problems. The unknown factor is the Ed Jew seat currently occupied by Supervisor Carmen Chu. The longer Supervisor Chu is in office the harder it will be for Ron Dudium to be elected. District Nine will be heavily contested. Progressives want a Supervisor to support Ross Mirkarimi, since Tom Ammiano will be going on to the Assembly.

School Board members Eric Mar, Mark Sanchez, Jill Wynns and Norman Yee are up for election. Eric Mar has already signed up to run for Supervisor in District 1. You cannot run for two races at the same time. So there will be at least one open seat.

Community College members Natalie Berg, Milton Marks III, Julio Ramos and Rodel Rodis are
up for election.

Tom Lantos is up for Congress in the 12th with rumors of Jackie Spier running.

Assemblywoman Fiona Ma and State Senator Leland Yee are up for election with no known opposition.

The big battle will be the State Senate race between Carole Midgen and Mark Leno.

We also have the Presidential race in February along with Park Bond A.

Additional Calendar Items:

November 14th - Wednesday

Neighborhood Parks Council Monthly Coalition Meeting - City Hall, Room 278. 6 to 8 p.m. "Do you feel safe in your park?". Learn park safety strategies and design elements from a panel of Safety Experts representing SF SAFE, SF Rec and Park, Mission Neighborhood Resource Center, South Park Neighborhood Improvement Association, DPW Landscape Architecture, Quesada Gardens. Information: rsvp to 415-621-3260 or

November 15th - Thursday

Muni meeting regarding the Carl/Cole Muni site and N Judah. 6:30 to 8:30 p.m Grattan Elementary School 165 Grattan Street, S.F. .Information: Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi. 415-554-7630

November 16th - Friday

Jane Kim, Kim-Shree Maufas and Hydra Mendoza: Retire our Debt...Please! Party
5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Medjool Lounge, 2516 Mission Street @ 21st. Hosted by Supervisor Bevan Dufty. Information:

November 17th - Saturday

Anthony Bourdain "No Reservations" 11 a.m. Book Passage, One Ferry Building, San Francisco. Information: 415-835-1020


San Francisco Board of Education passed resolution to register all willing and eligible 17.5 year old students in SFUSD and launch a bigger Youth Vote program in partnership with the Youth Commission, Department of Children, Youth and their Families, SFUSD Student Advisory Council, SFGOV Television, the Mayor's office and David Binder's pollster firm.

There will be a three-day required voting curriculum for seniors and optional curriculum for 9-11th graders and organizing mock elections in schools with ballots and polling stations. Student leaders will announce the result of the vote a week before the election to let adult voters know how they feel about candidates and propositions.

David Binder will conduct student focus groups and annual student surveys that will accompany the ballots. This will be the first time the Board and the District will be getting true opinion surveys from high school students. Information: Jane Kim

Robert Kennedy Jr. - If Hillary Clinton becomes President Robert Kennedy Jr. is thinking of running for Senator in New York. (John Kennedy Jr. had also thought about running for Senate in New York.) There is a website

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