Monday, December 17, 2007

Homeless Community Meeting - Sunset

Supervisor Carmen Chu held a community meeting at the Sunset Recreation Center regarding homeless in the sunset.
The turnout was outstanding. I admire Supervisor Chu for calling this meeting now during the holiday season giving a signal to City Government that she is serious. She was strong, well prepared and very impressive.
The police, homeless department were there. Supervisor Chu announced five new police officers to be assigned the the Taraval Police Department.
The audience spoke about their neighborhoods, about family values and the fear of being accosted. There was discussion of the difference between homeless and drug addicts who come from other parts into the Sunset and attack people - especially women. This is not a pleasant story.

By bringing everyone together it begins the organizing effort as a community as a whole.
An interesting dynamic was a homeowner in the area put up a petition on the Internet ( for people to show their concern "the residents of the Sunset District ask Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors to please help save the middle class families of the Sunset District. We have one of the largest concentrations of families with children in San Francisco, and we ask that we are not overlooked when rebuilding our playgrounds, parks and facilities. If we want to stop the exodus of families moving out of San Francisco, we need to make it a hospitable place for the residents. We are concerned about our safety after learning about the recent attack on the German student on Judah Street, a major shopping street in the Sunset". As of tonight there were 144 signatures on that petition. If you go on the website you will see signatures have the capability of attaching their comment to the petition (this is a wonderful organizing tool.) The women who put this petition spoke at the meeting, and afterwards all the press went over to talk to her.

The audience was reminded to call 311. You can also call two cell numbers 415-203-6643 and 415-203-9968 which are cell numbers directly to homeless staff on duty.

The police department, the homeless department and park and rec are working together to resolve problems like bushes and trees that need to be pared down, unlawful parking of vehicles and the homeless on the streets.

Included in the audience was Francis Tsang from from Mayor's Office, Bob Twomey from Assemblywoman Fiona Ma's office, Ron Dudum and Doug Chan.


Supervisor Carmen Chu
,, phone 415-554-7460; Colleen Crowley - Legislative Aide, phone 415-554-7460 and Katy Tang, Legislative Aide phone: 415-554-7460 Address: City Hall 1 Dr Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244, San Francisco, Ca. 94122.

San Francisco Safe, 850 Bryant Street #135, San Francisco, Ca. 94103 415-673-SAFE

San Francisco Outreach Team: 415-203-6643

All SF City Dept. Service 311

United Way Helplink - all SF social services directory 211

HOT (Homeless Outreach Team) contact numbers 415-203-6643 and 415-203-9963

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