Monday, December 17, 2007

Irish American Democratic Club Holiday Party

Pictures: Eileen Kivlehand and Claudine Cheng
John Behanna

Huge party. Great success! Everyone wanted to come see Eileen Kivlehand's home. Eileen has the best home for parties including a beautiful roof garden looking over Golden Gate Bridge (near Irving Street) and two adorable cats.

The President of the Club is Jeannie Maher. The Club is famous for having fun parties and they had an open bar! Half the proceeds from the party went to St. Anthony Foundation.

Who was everyone talking about? Gerardo Sandoval. Yup, he was there. Looking very distinguished these days. People were also talking about Jackie Speier versus Congressman Tom Lantos, and course the president race.

Other attendees included Jose Cisneros, our City Treasurer; Assessor Phil Ting, Patrick Doyle for State Senator Carole Migden; Claudine Cheng possible candidate for Supervisor in District 3; Alicia Wang who is a candidate for Supervisor in District One; Bob Twomey Chief of Staff for Assemblywoman Fiona Ma; Assemblyman Mark Leno; the beloved Patty Moran at the door; Harriet Isihomoto, Lorrie Kalos President of Democratic Women's Forum, David Strand, Clay Harrell, Julie Soo, Scott Weiner, Connie O'Connor. Jane Morrison, Joan Simmons, Nancy Larsen, Susan Maher, Ben Tom, Gary O'Rourke and John O'Riordan.

Carol Ruth Silver was there - we talked about Rent Control and how Carol and Harvey Milk were responsible for getting through Rent Control for San Francisco (with the help of Angelo Sangiacomo - who is still in the news!).

Yes, I learned something last night, but I am not the Drudge Report, you are going to have to wait to hear the news . Things are slow right now, but 2008 is going to be crazy!

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