Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Election Day - I love San Francisco

I am so proud to live in San Francisco.

I started out at the Angelo Quaranta and Bob McCarthy 31st Election Day Lunch at the California Culinary Academy on Rhode Island. A big crowd as always, but this was a very special luncheon in honor of the beloved Bob McCarthy who just recently passed away. Senator Dianne Feinstein (who looked glorious!) spoke along with former Mayor Willie Brown - they both treasured Bob - Dianne and Willie just love San Francisco and all their friends - it was a nice moment that I am sure that Bob McCarthy would have cherished .

Hats off to the sponsors California Culinary Academy, Jennifer White, President (the food was fabulous), SKS Investments, Dan Kingsley Managing Partner and a special thanks to Alex Clemens and his classy staff from Barbary Coast for helping put on this wonderful tribute to Bob.

I then went to visit my personal friend, Claudine Cheng in her District Three headquarters on Powell Street. What a lovely place to watch Barack Obama give his speech. Claudine gave a speech thanking everyone in helping her go for her dream of helping San Francisco.

Went down to the St. Francis to the Westin St. Francis Democratic Party, No on 4, No on 8 election night party. I wasn't expecting the huge crowd in front of the hotel - where people just whooped it up yelling at each honking car (and cable car) that went by. Inside it was insanely crowded - but everyone still had a smile on their face - because Obama won. I am disappointed in the vote on 8 - I thought the goodness of everyone would have paid off.

Traveled out to John Avalos' party at Club Bottom's Up on Mission - it was late - lots of people were really happy - especially John - he is a good guy.

Coming back on Mission past Safai,Ramos, Knox, Roccapulco Club, El Rio, Campos, Quezada and Sanchez headquarters you realized how vibrant the Mission and Outer Mission is. I was really surprised by the huge crowds in the streets so late out on Valencia Street and 16th Street - just out to celebrate and party!

San Francisco never gives up.

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