Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 8, 2008 - Newsom, Harris, Potrero Hill

Okay, 2008 has started!

Gavin Newsom's swearing in. City Hall Rotunda is a good place to have a swearing-in if you take the time to do it correctly. The Inaugural Ceremony Planning Committee did an excellent job including an extensive sound system (you just have to learn where to stand) good food which was served quickly. Everyone was there and they seemed to be pleased with the reception. (Matier & Ross were there - I was wondering if they were ever coming back to the Chronicle!). Speech was long and wonky - which everyone expects from our Mayor. Wish he had spoken more about crime and homicides ( I am trusting the administration will put something in place soon). We not only need leadership, we need inspiration and reassurance.

After the reception went downstairs to City Hall's basement to get coffee . The Voter Registration office is open for voting for the February election .

Kamala Harris' swearing in at Delancey Street was jammed packed with people all in dark clothes, a little wet with umbrellas. Event started on time with Kamala Harris speaking before she was sworn in. Our District Attorney is a very articulate speaker. Senator Feinstein spoke before swearing in Kamala Harris. Senator Feinstein reminded us when she first ran for Supervisor only Willie Brown and Terry Francois endorsed her for office and she commented on how far women have come since then. In fact Dianne Feinstein made an indication of a future woman president (even though most people in the room knew that Kamala Harris is a huge supporter of Obama's). There were Tom's cookies and sandwiches and tea.
I noticed at both events people in the back reading their emails from their phones. A new way of doing two things at once!

Potrero Hill Democratic Club had endorsement meeting regarding 3 local and 7 state propositions. Speakers included Corinne Woods from the Neighborhood Parks Council for Yes on A (more parks on the waterfront) with Steve Ambrose speaking against Prop A because of the artificial turf issue. Gary Delagnes, the President of the San Francisco Police Officers Association spoke for Yes on B . There were speakers for Yes and No on 92. (Community College Funding). There was a speaker for Yes on Prop C the Alcatraz conversion project. Assembly Mark Leno spoke on Yes on 93 (term limits) and No on 94-97 regarding casino agreements with our Governor.
Because of the holidays and the presidential race it is difficult to focus on the coming Feb. 5th election. If you get a chance it is helpful to hear a live discussion of the issues. As in every election in San Francisco there is a strange mixture of issues.

Barack Obama event at Bloom's on Potrero Hill. The event was almost over when I arrived (I still have not decided how I am going to vote - I keep changing my mind). I had heard earlier that tons of people showed up to Bloom's and they were passing out really "cool" tee shirts. Obama's campaign is a well organized, amazing movement

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