Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Big meeting. Passed budget. Since most of the drama had already happen things went pretty smoothly. Chris Daly is amazing. He really toned down his remarks, but made his point. Talking about diversity (World War II 40% Black community - now 6%- only major City where Latino community is not increasing). But he did talk to the full Board that some of them were not brave enough to oppose the mayor. But what is amazing is that Chris spoke with no notes. He is very smart .No one took his bite - but Sean Elsbernd looked unhappy (Elsbernd is a very honorable guy). No one was perfectly happy with the budget. Aaron Peskin is also amazing- extemely smart. But the big part of the meeting was planning issue for 3400 Cesar Chavez Street. Sue Hestor spoke against. Speaker Line outside the meeting back to the end of the building .I Left before everyone spoke. But again the story is rich versus the poor. It looked like there was going to be negotiation regarding the price of the low cost housing. Tom Ammiano did not back down and kept asking questions of the Planning Commission about the project . Tom has been around a long time and knows all the planning commission verbage.
One thing I have noticed that there is "government speak". You have to ask the same question more than one way. You will get a response "no layoffs" but then you ask again and government acknowledge that there was "unfunding". In other words you have to pay attention to what is being said.
Sue Bierman - San Francisco's Recreation and Park Commission voted to honor the late Supervisor Sue Bierman by giving her name to the block which once provided entrance and exit to the Embarcadero freeway that was wrecked by the 1989 earthquake.
Mickey Cohen - Read Hollywood's Celebrity Gangster by Brad Lewis. Growing up in Southern California I remember Mickey Cohen being on the news all the time. Mickey Cohen was a mobster but also one of the first celebrities with connections to many famous people including Billy Graham. I did not realize that there was that much crime and collusion between the Los Angeles Policy Department and gangsters. I didn't realize that Mickey Cohen was at Alacatraz and while he stayed there he had food delivered from Paoli's (which I use to go to) - it was a dark, dark restaurant located I believe were the current ugly Bank of America building is on California Street. Later on Mickey Cohen bought Paoli's!

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