Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Presidential Debate

Interesting. The format made the candidates pay attention, the format was faster. Questions were tough
Baracka Obama - His best. He is inspirational.
Hillary Clinton - Strong. You can see her thinking, under control. Impressive.
Chris Dodd - Love his voice. I have a feeling that he feels that he has been forgotten. Not sure why he is running?
John Edwards - Gay weddings. That is a no no. Something about him makes me feel uncomfortable. Is he real?
Dennis Kucnich - I liked was he said last night. The people that support him are true blue.
Joe Biden - I like him. Very smart and knows the issues. You just don't when her will say something not appropriate.
Bill Richardson - Not my favorite. Would make a good vice president.
Mike Gravel - Go home.
Andersen Cooper - Still learning. He seemed unhappy when people didn't do as he said.
The remark he said at end at Dennis Kucnich is a no-no.
Enjoyed the videos. The Republican debate will be different. Will CNN be able to show the videos and still be non-Bias?

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