Monday, July 9, 2007

Taking a Walk

All-Star Game. San Francisco is so beautiful! Baseball people are so happy! Especially the Dads!
Not only does the All-Star game bring in money - Muni has done a great job of identifying the different stops and explaining how to get around. (this will help everyone). Had an incrediable urge to have a hot dog. I can't help it I am a National fan.
Copland's sports Store across from Nortsrum closed down. Not surprised. I was wondering who bought that golf equipment? Now maybe Radio Shack can move into this spot away from their new location down the street (smells like urine!)
Kenneth Cole Ad: You are on a video camera over 20 times a day. Are you dressed for it?
Just Desserts closed down at Church and Market. So sad, used to be the busiest bakery in town!
Herb Caen moment: Burlington Coat Factory wouldn't let me in with my purse (okay it is big).
I don't mind them looking in my bag' but taking it away yells "thief". The guard said don't take it personally. But I do. I live in San Francisco so I don't have to go a mall.
Church and Market: Person was sitting on a bench shaving his face with a mirror. Didn't seem to mind everyone walkng by.

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