Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday thoughts

I am still trying to get over watching Lady Bird Johnson's memorial service. What a wonderful service. Everyone that spoke was so wonderful, from Bill Moyer who wanted to make sure that everyone knew Lady Bird did things on her own and was very strong, to her grandchildren (10) to Lynda and Lucie. The dignatories! I know her name was mentioned but there was no mention on tv or on the internet about Tricia Nixon Cox being there. I guess everyone in the tv and internet business is too young to remember who she is. But I am pleased that she was there to complete the list of the Clintons, Carters, Nancy Reagon, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Ford's daughter, Caroline Kennedy. Amazing. I kept crying and crying - so beautiful and then they brought out at end the Texas University Band to play the fight song. Could not have been better. You just realize how long ago the 60's were. Lynda Bird being 63!
JESSICA MITFORD-Finished reading "Decca - The Letters of Jessica Mitford. " Very interesting. Long. This book would probably be difficult to read if I had not read six other books on Jessica Mitford and her sister's. What an amazing family! The best part of the book were the footnotes which were at the bottom of each page where I found new information about California history, especially in the Bay Area.
AT&T versus Comcast-added a land line and started with AT&T and after struggling with AT&T and their website and awful voice mail found out seven days later that my rate was going up from $33 to $40. I was so upset I called comcast and comcast said they could add a phone at no extra charge because I already had Cable TV and DSL. Not only that but there is voice mail and if you are not there the voice mail message prints out on your voice mail page on the computer. That is so cool!
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency - New address July 9th.
11 South Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, Ca 94103
Hours: 8 to 5 Monday - Friday
Customer Service: 415-701-3099
Pay by Phone: 415-701-3099
Tow Hearings: 415-701-5401
On Line Sales of meter cards and fast pass:
On Line Citations:
Citations, hearings, parking permits, meter cards, maps, Muni Passes,
1380 Howarad St office has been relocated to 11 South Van Ness. Parking validation available for City Park Garage next door.

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