Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pretty tame. I am impressed by supervisors. I think they work hard. Aaron Peskin does a great job. He really concentrates. I know most of the work is done behind the scenes before the meeting begins. Everyone is very careful. I am beginning to understand the "dance". Regular observors show up early. It is really smart to go to to the Board of Supervisors room and pick up copy of the agenda before hand and figure out the what, why and how. . Street and parking changes indicate changes in rhe city and then there is the long process regarding planning issues which indicates growth.. Depending on the issue people walk in looking like city attorney people,department heads, lawyers, lobbyists layers in and out (like football). Huge group of people. It is so touching when people are given a commendation and the famlies are there and pictures are taken. It is easy to take politics for granted. Real things are being done and not reported because we really don't have a local paper.
We shouldn't take this for granted.
Michela Alioto-Pier - Seems to be the mother (but in a good sense) dealing with kids, schools. Gives a welcome smile to everyone. Very comforting. Actually she is a very beautiful woman. But tough (I.e. Standards for supervisors - not backing down from Chris Daly.)
Aaron Peskin -Clearly in charge. Must spend an incrediable amount of time keeping everything in line. Probably doesn't like people mucking his plan up. Treats every one with respect. I haven't figured out how he keeps on top of everything in the meeting. . I think people are impressed with him but I don't see the loyalty that some elected officials have.
Tom Ammiano- I admire Tom so much. He has been around for so long, he knows how to do everything. Tom has true loyal supporters. He votes right but doesn't have to show off. It is time for him to move to the Assembly and wake them up!
Chris Daly - I can't figure him out. When you watch him with constitutents he is wonderful and caring. . But there is the other side - like a warrior not afraid of anyone. He is his own worst enemy. He has friends on the board - but people are leary of his "actions". I wish he had someone to work with.(Phil Burton?) He is very knowlegeable and cares about people that others leave behind.
Bevan Dufty - . He knows how the city is run. How does he really feel about rent control? I can see him running for higher office.
Sean Elsbernd- I really admire. I know he works very hard, I am not sure if I agree with all his politics but when he voted against a neighborhood group on a planning issue he turned around and faced them and explained why. That's integrity.
Ed Jew - Watching him at the board of supervisors he sits right by where the public makes their comments, he really listens and looks at them. He probably takes care of his constitutents. The other stuff - that is another story.....
Sophie Maxwell - So regal. Very quiet. She has a tough district, tough issues.
Jake McGoldrick - He has things he cares about. He has loyal friends. But sometimes he comes off scattered.
Ross Mirkarimi - This man works hard. You can tell by reading the agenda, dealing with the small stuff but also not afraid to get up and ask questions.
Gerardo Sandoval - Smart. You can tell by his votes. You can also tell when you see him really listening to the discussion.
Public Comments - Truly embarassing. People come every week and do not add to the discussion. Singing, ranting and wasting time. If someone wants to bring something to the board this is not the way to do it.

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